Deep dark secrets



The Young Intern has surpassed herself drawing the symbols for the game we’re doing for Heilige Huisjes. Aren’t they lovely? She is mastering the deep dark secrets of Adobe Illustrator, and is getting better and better – and more ambitious. Ganesha took her the better part of one day to draw, but such lovelyness of lines and colour!

Meanwhile I’m wrestling with Gamemaker – the game I have in mind will allow you to create your own reli-meter, telling you what kind of religious personality you are. Riveting stuff! But time-consuming. Took me the better part of a day to learn how to make the game responsive, i.e. to make it resize on different screen sizes, like pc, tablet and smartphone. Done the deed, ony to see that smartphone size asks for a different approach as the symbols are too small to read. Well, having come this far I’m not giving up on it!


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