*** Dutch Landscapes

Tried something new today :). I recently inherited my father-in-law’s slide boxes (minus the slides, fortunately).  The boxes were too good to throw out – but I  had no specific goal for them. When driving back home from the family get-together where I got the boxes handed to me,  I had a brainwave:  they are so linear – why not use them to encapsulate some Dutch Space ? Catch some elements of the Dutch landscape that are iconic, or emblematic, or just a nice mix of man-made and natural – do some sketching in 3D? 

Anyways, today I did a try-out, and it was fun to do, also the results aren’t half bad. I made the essential frog thing – the Netherlands being called ‘kikkerland’ which is ‘frogland’, usually prefixed with ‘koud’  which is cold’.  For us Dutch are cool like amphibians, and our country is a mix of water and just-above-water. 

Note: do not overload the imagery – better too few than too many  

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