Side effects

A series of images of a milking shed I have plans for – that is, if the owner will be kind enough to grant me access. 

It is the only underused structure I came across in all of Eemland/Arkemheen. Everywhere else farmhouses became homes and second homes, steam pumping stations became musea, sand from dikes that were levelled was used for constructing roads, the stones from the castle were re-used for buildings …  I could go on and on and on.Not a square centimeter of this area is unused, not a spare stone is untouched by human hand.

The whole area was – and still is – a hay making machine, a food producing machine. A machine to turn sunlight, water and nutritients from the soil into calories fit for human consumption – has been started around the 12th century, is still going strong. Everything else – spacious, almost empty landscape, meadow birds and their reserves – are side effects.

Check the AI images I generated here



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