Please forgive me for being exited – I made my very first Camera Obscura. From a shoebox, very simple, and it works! I got into the idea of building a Camera Obscura from two directions

First off, I am reading the book ‘the Eye of the Beholder’, by Laura J. Snyder. She “transports us to the streets, inns, and guildhalls of seventeenth-century Holland, where artists and scientists gathered, and to their studios and laboratories, where they mixed paints and prepared canvases, ground and polished lenses, examined and dissected insects and other animals, and invented the modern notion of seeing.” Vermeer apparently used a Camera Obscura – so why wouldn’t I?

Secondly, I was looking into the future of Eemland – the area that I am studying for my PhD – using Dall-E, beautiful AI software that has just come available for the masses. My starting point here is the little shed at the Wakkerendijk that I fell in love with – see below just three of the zillion iterations I did. You can immediately see where the idea of turning a shed into a Camera Obscura came from

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