Proud to present: Galaxy! Condensed to a one-and-a-half minute movie. Galaxy is a large-scale drawing in fabric, inspired by the painting ‘starry night’ by van Gogh. Under my direction it was made by many helping hands from people in the Hague, and proudly presented in the The Hague Atrium. Made with yarn fabricated from second-hand T-shirts, Galaxy represents many lives and also touched many lives.

Galaxy workshop 0305

 My  thanks go to the participating organisations: PLAY+ART,  Festival De Betovering,  Stichting Atrium,  Middin,  Welzijn Scheveningen, Jongeren4You(th),  B.O.T and  Sort BV. And to the wonderful volunteers that turned up at the Galaxy workshops before and during the festival. Galaxy did bring a lot of  people together! As one organiser put it: Wassenaar  has met  Transvaal.

Haakhelden – Crochet Heroes