If you don't write it down, it never happened

EverdienBrekenI started blogging as as a way to keep my head above water while studying at MaHKU,  the Graduate School of Visual Art and Design in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2009 – 2010.  On graduation, I decided to go on using this weblog as a notebook.

A strong interest in software from my earlier career in ICT informs the things I do as a visual artist. Which is why I style myself a nerdy artist. For an example of how this works for me, check my MaHKU thesis [here] or the OraclR I made for an exhibition in Athens [here]. Another recurring theme in my work is the Dutch landscape and the way we deal with it – Dutch space is different – see for example the series titled ‘Dutch Mountains’ [here] and ‘River’ here.

While working on themes like these, this blog serves as my external memory, and works much like my real brain does. There is lots of stuff here, heaped, stacked, piled and thrown into corners. The blog setup enables me to retrieve, access and replay ideas, memories and random thoughts whenever I feel like doing so. What is important to me is to let the unexpected happen – I try to surprise myself every once and a while. So I incorporated some search algorithms in the blog to play back my ideas in semi-random fashion.

I do allow other people acces, but I’m not an attention grabber. Nor do I optimize my blog for traffic or search. It is basically me writing down stuff for me – but you people out there are welcome to it.


Everdien Breken,  Zaltbommel, the Netherlands

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