Lab work today

tractie 30 sept

Today I did some work at the lab.  For reasons I will post a blog about shortly I became real interested in labyrinths and mazes. I wanted to try one out for size, so I took some painters tape and taped a try-out maze on the floor of my atelier. ‘Atelier not big enough’ was my conclusion.  Silly joke popped into my head. It’s about Adam and Eve being thrown out of Paradise and discovering the joys of the flesh. They are standing there, making out for the first time, and things start getting really interesting below the navel. Adam looks down, looks up again and says:   “stand back honey – we don’t know how big this thing is gonna get”.

‘I don’t know how big this thing’s gonna get’. I also don’t now how to realise the type of labyrinth I want. I don’t want to build one (there are plenty of those), I sort of want one to happen……… First ideas included making a rug that had an in-woven labyrinth you can only feel with your feet.  Tried out some material but am not happy with it.

By the way, taking all the painters tape off the floor again was a major pain in the ass – took me at least 2 hrs this morning. Note: Never use sticky stuff on anything again without checking that it removes easily.

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