Password un-protected

Today I removed the password that I put on the blog earlier.  As we now have a students blog, and I wanted this blog on the list of ‘student websites’, I took the plunge and removed the password. I removed the possibility to post comments from most of the blogs first, since I don’t really want to get comments yet. For now the blog is just my trying to keep abreast of a world of new input and information.

Had a quiet fight with the Argeweb people – removing the password removed a bit of software that was essential in reading the pages that WordPress generates. Was blog-less for the better part of today – this really hurts! I’ve come to depend on its being accessible. Fortunately, a guardian angel hovered over me and I got the right person on the phone this afternoon, someone with experience in WordPress. He was spot on to the difficulty and got the engine running again. Even excused himself for the tone of the earlier e-mail conversations. Unheard-of! Told him I loved him …