Notes on taxonomy

taxonomyTaxonomy is the practice and science of classification. Taxonomy (taxon = group) refers to the classification of organisms, things, places, activities, events and concepts. One of the most widely known taxonomies is found in the field of biology: Linnaeus system for classifying plants and animals.

Taxonomies  allow for the interrelation of different systems of concepts. This facilitates a break with the tradition of linear and chronological paradigms in favour of parallel interrogations of various commonalities and differences. In simpler words: one gets to play around with a system of interrelated concepts and ideas, not consuming them in a linear way – as in a book or publication – but inspecting fields, following lines of thought and visiting nodes of intersection. Taxonomies help to differentiate, while at the same time they relate.

A taxonomy is a dynamic system that adapts itself to new discoveries and insights.

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