Staging her Self

totaal pixels 03 halfHave blogged about this before: play is instrumental in establishing identity. Bourriaud, the Radicant, page 37; “: all elements of our identity are a product of such gestures, moves that can be played on the chessboard of culture.”

My daughter, she is 16, for sure makes a lot of these ‘moves’: she casts herself in various roles in the play that is her life. Modern technology allows her to continuously monitor how well a part suits her. She’s taken the pictures of which I have posted a sub-set here: more than 460 pics in 2 x 24 hrs. When I was her age, I photographed the things I wanted to remember: family, holiday spots, nice views. She poits the camera’s eye to herself and her friends every time’.  She takes lots and lots of pictures,  featuring herself and her friends in various combinations. Then she publishes the lot on her Hyves page, talks them over with friends to validate and calibrate herself. The event – in this case it was carnival – has only really happened when the pics are on the ‘net.

I’m thinking about doing some work with her pictures, discussed it  and she’s given me a conditional go-ahead. We’ve been through the lot to decide which ones – in her eyes – are not suitable to be published. I color-coded them: Black = too private; Blue = too uninteresting; Green = too embarrassing. This leaves a lot of pics for me to do something with. At present I’m just playing with the sheer volume of it, tried out a number of ways to show just how many moves are made and documented in so little time. Am also thinking about using a couple of pics for an ‘impossible’ game of concentration (memory).

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