Everdien Breken Transpair 19 juli 2010 023This is Loes, wrestling with the giant knit I made for her Transpair house. She’s going to turn it into a mobile wardrobe – nice idea. I used up the better part of 4 old blankets to knit this thing. It was a major undertaking, am feeling its  effects on the poor muscles that move my fingers  even as I type this.

Worth it though.  I like working with Loes, we did a book before for Joost Grootens, which went very well. She’s good at details like picking the exact font and paper colour for the index in the book. But she thinks like a visual artist.  Keep telling her she should have been in the Fine Arts department, but she’s sort of wedded to things having a function.

Then again, art has a function, hasn’t it?

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