Damn! But now it works

header vistaNew bug in my blog: the thumbnails (the little pics that give a preview of a post and are a visual breadcrumb trail) don’t show up. Checked the .php file that causes the thumbnails – it seemed to have disappeared so I uploaded it again. No good.

Checked the media library – all my pics are still there. So I wonder what happened? Maybe I overran my file space, will check this with the Argeweb people tomorrow. Until then: no thumbnails. Damn!

Later: well, something good came out of it. I managed to make sense of the ‘featured categories’ list – it had a bug but I managed to find a fix for it.  So now I can highlight certain categories in the left hand column, which used to be blank.

Later: a day of near-panick – the Argeweb people managed to get my site lost and wanted me to start from square one. I convinced them that this wasn’t a viable solution as there is one year’s worth of data in here. I had to download the entire site to my computer, then upload to theirs, this has this blog functioning again. Need to upload another 3000 files (mainly pictures) then I can start looking for the missing thumbnails again.

I feel so uncomfortable if I cannot access my external memory. Note: make weekly backups myself!

Much later: tried everything – access rights to the script that makes the thumbnails, acces rights to the /temp and /cache they are stored, to the pics themselves. Then decided to grab the whole timthumb.php script from google code (and thanks again to the Google people!) and upload this fresh version. And whaddoyouknow – now it works. Don’t know why, just know it does. Doing software can be like creating your own crossword in the dark. Note: backup!

Note: tried to find a layout I liked better than the present one. No luck: Mimbo still rules!

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