Everything looks better in a circle

Everdien Breken Expodium 260810 6827

This is a pic taken at Krugerstraat, where I did a game at the opening of our exhibition at Expodium. It was really neat, the way people started using the crayons. Neighbours coming out to see what all the fun was about, so I made unexpected connections happen between the Expodium art crowd and their neighbours. I love the comment written down here: Everything does indeed look better in a circle. Check Jaarbeursplein where I played earlier  ….

Added an RSS feed to my ‘Spelen op Straat’ action blog today, as I mean to do more street actions. Will accompany my right hand man to Berlin and Copenhagen shortly, and crayons will be packed in my suitcases at both occasions. I did a Berlin game before, now it’s time to amplify. I’ve gotten over the idea of me looking stupid while crayoning – I probably do look stupid, but I don’t care. Will be interesting to see how Germans and Danes compare as to this isue of playfullness.

Have to come up with some new designs. New ideas for games. New ideas for lines. New spots. This whole project is just so very interesting – I hope it will lead me in a number of unexpected directions!

Everdien Breken Expodium 260810 6836

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