Before blogging

Must document a stage of Experiment no 001 that I did before I started blogging, for I am returning to the  female shape I made then, and I have nothing online to show for what I did in 2008/2009.

In 2008 I made a number of very abstract doll-like figures. These I handed out to fellow artists and asked them to incorporate them in their work and/or life, to use them in unexpected ways. It was interesting to see what all people did with the dolls – lovingly nicknamed ‘little pristines’ because of their soft whiteness. That is: they were soft and white at the beginnning – certainly not at the end!

At this time, I did not know the work of Ricardo Basbaum – I did not know much of anything in those before-MaHKU days, and my teachers at HKU did very little to remedy that situation (sorry Fons, you are the one exeption). Ricardo does a very interesting project titled ‘do you want to participate in an artistic experience’, more about it here. He was clever enough to make an object that withstands wear and tear – also he articulates what he is about so beautifully it makes me jealous. Anyway, he had the same idea, but earlier, and executed it in a different way, but nice nice nice!

I enjoyed the talks with the other artists & seeing what all they came up with. Hope I would do a better job today at  presenting of the whole thing. Anyway, here goes:

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