Bitten by the button fever

Been working at home today – lots of emails and phone calls to keep my projects running a.s.a.p meaning as smooth as possible.  Which is – miraculously – pretty smooth, not counting some little holes and bumpses. Sandwiched inbetween I did some design work for a project I have in mind for the upcoming Queens Day (April 30th). And did some mothering and member-of-the-school-board-ing – really time-shared my brain.

Have to come clean on the  issue of royalty first – must confess that I’m a closet republican. My main issue with the House of Orange is a human rights one  – why do we do this to people – put them in a golden cage, expect the impossible then let the press have at them. No life, no life at all. Poor sods aren’t even allowed to vote.

Anyway, my republican sentiments are soon to be expressed in a small experiment. Having fallen in love with a button maker at  an earlier stage of  experiment no 007 I came up with the plan of selling buttons expressing the aforementioned sentiments at one of the street flea markets that are a  feature of every Queens Day. Kids peddle the playthings  they no longer love, parents sell kid’s clothes that their darlings have grown out of. A good time is had by all  – the littlegirl plain loves to bargain and comes home with more stuff than what she sets out with.

This year we will push buttons. Text on the button is of course Dutch, it says: ‘gefeliciteerd met jouw majesteit’. Literal translation would be ‘congratulations with your majesty’ – which sentence is intentionally double-dipped. Will construct a sandwich board to put on the street or to carry around – then we’ll see if the whole idea sells.