Algorithm at work

The ‘you might also like this’ algorithm that operates at the bottom of each of my blogposts set these two pics right next to each other. Notice the similarities? I like the way my blog makes connections …  Checked about the portrait’s format: the oval was fashionable in Amsterdam at the time.

The ‘Portrait of Aechje Claesdaughter’  is a Rembrandt, painted in 1634, now to be seen at the National Gallery in Londen. Quote from their site:

Rembrandt’s ability to capture a likeness and a sense of the sitter’s character sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. In particular his portrayal of old people, including himself as he aged, was always disarmingly honest. With its loose application of paint this work shows the painter’s acute observation and imaginative insight into the mood and the personality of the sitter. This sitter has recently been identified as Aechje Claesdr., widow of the Rotterdam brewer, Jan Dammaszn. Pesser. Her son, Dirck Jansz. Pesser and his wife sat to Rembrandt in the same year.

I checked Google’s Art Project – but room 24 of the National Gallery – where Aechje lives – hasn’t been done  yet.

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