Plus / Minus – making of

To start  plus / minus I took a crew to Afsluitdijk, as the intention was to make a long,  long row of pluses on the bicycle path that borders the highway. Of course I want to do pluses on the highway itself eventually – the bigger they are, the more effect – but this will need some major cooperation from Rijkswaterstaat.  Rijkswaterstaat is  the Dutch governmental agency that does coastal defence – Afsluitdijk is their property and theirs to worry about . I’m hoping they will commission my piece eventually. 

My crew worked fast and did 1 km of pluses in just over one hour. Curious car and truck drivers hooted, curious cyclists stopped and enquired. I cycled myself vide0-ing it all – will post some more about that. For now check out the ‘making of’ pics below …..




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