Somtimes art and life come together – as they did friday last, when my main man celebrated his 51th birthday in a special way. We used to live in Delft, and he’s been inviting people for years to be at Market Square in Delft on friday 11-11-11 at  11 hr 11 precisely – this all rhyming  nicely in Dutch. Me and eldest went and I took my unseparable crayons with me, witness the photo above. Spelling mistakes are not mine – truly: not! – but caused by the algorithm that adds 3 pics together to form a landscape.

And here are some more:


The text became a photo opp. for a lot of people, and an opportunity to speculate about its why and wherefore. Most people thought someone was getting married at 11 hr 11 exactly, which was close enough. Note: text took 1 box of crayons and about 15 minutes to complete.



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