Roundly defeated

Hate to admit it, but I was roundly defeated by a roll of paper the other day. In order to make large-size  Hide Me shapes I bought a roll of paper at an artist material shop in Utrecht – they have cardboard-like paper that is 1.50 high. Then I struggled with it to make a Hide Me shape – paper  kept rolling up and toppling over – also stapling was a pain.

So I had to go back to square one and re-invent the shape, taking into account 1. paper wants to roll  2. paper is heavvy  3. paper needs to be layered to be strong(er).

Below are some of the zillion scale models I made. I do think I’ve nailed the problem – am now going to try a life-size HideMe. This afternoon I have 3 kids coming in to cut-and-paste and paint the ‘heads’ so I need to be ready for them.

Later: it worked like a charm – the uprights stayed upright and the kids loved making faces. I now have a princess, a rabbit and a dog – promising stuff. Taking the faces to a photoshoot next saturday that PLAY+ART is organising in the Hague.

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