A strong westerly today. Treated myself to a little walk to soak up a some sunshine. Which is sorely needed. Set myself the assignment to pick a little bouquet, which was a bit of a challenge, it being  january. Managed the smallest bouquet ever: one winter aconite, one lawn daisy, the green stuff is cow parsley I suspect. Resisted the temptation to add a hellebore, as it was in a container next to someone’s front door. So: out of bounds.

Had fun looking up the english names. Flowers cheer me up. Should I go draw them? Photographing is so much easier. And flowers have been done so very many times.

Michael Raedecker does flowers. Met with one of his flower still lifes yesterday at Gem den Haag  – it was a small reproduction, not the one below, but similar.  This is what happens to bouquets a little later on  – picking a flower is doing murder, too.

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