Having – again – some obstacles between me and happiness today, I decided to stop thinking about stuff and execute an algorithm. One that I can do mindlessly, for I did circles in books before, check here. I am now able to use the ‘butchers block’ my friend Loes designed and built for my new studio – my parents ran a butcher’s, that’s how the idea came up. The block is made out of encyclopedia volumes minus their covers, pressed tightly together. Which makes for a surface I can mistreat, for once it’s covered with cuts or paints or whatever, it will be very easy to replace. Loes did some smart thinking about height, too, so the block is tailor-made to my way of working. And let me tell you: a treat! It really helped me to get my creative juices flowing again.

Later: Escher-like, no? Or maybe Saenredam?


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