Am preparing for an Action Weaving event at GEM-Museon next sunday. The Haags Gemeente Museum is housed in a  beautiful building by Berlage, a major work of art all by itself. It has a courtyard-like area with a tree I fell in love with – its wayward shape in sharp contrast with the planes and flat surfaces of both the building and the surrounding gardens.

Hosting an Action Weaving event means that I need lots of yarn. Which has me cutting up T-shirts like a madwoman  – an activity that is boring as well as  hazardous. Boring because of its repetitiveness, hazardous because I don’t want to lose any digits – I have a small machine to do the cutting, but it is not kind to my hands. I don’t mind the boring part, funnily enouhg. Its repetitiveness sets my mind free to wander.

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