Haarlem scores again

And Haarlem scores again! A very lively exhibition about the art of making portraits is to be found at De Hallen in the heart of Haarlem. Frans Hals was a Haarlemmer, so it is very apt. Good to meet with Rineke Dijkstra and Marlene Dumas again, both have international acclaim and I love to see to see woman artists score. I particularly enjoyed the 15 minute documentaries about Dutch artists that are to be found at the top floor – managed to view two before the family became restless. Note: check if they are accessible on the ‘net. Later: they are! Check here

Haarlem is lovely, by the way. A bit bigger and livelier than Leiden, a bit smaller and quiter than Amsterdam. Haarlem is where people from Amsterdam go to live when they are fed up with the tourists and the buzz that come with its cult status.

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