Malieveld tryout

UrbanPlay tryout today – went to the Hague with some play equipment. Tried the stilts first at Malieveld – Eveline’s idea. It seems that a number of artists have regular get-togethers there to try out interventions and performances, using each-other as test panel. Nice idea!

So the stilts have been baptized. Some things to remember:

– color is ok – shows up nice on pics, too.
– people walking on stilts are like a moving 3D line drawing
– stilts bring back memories of having-been-hurt-once
– walking on stilts gives one a different perspective

Note: was too focused on taking pictures today, takes the fun out of try-out-ing. Totally not the best mood for having things happen.

UrbanPlay jan14 04

UrbanPlay jan14 04

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