Tricking the eyes

Backlog is almost done: one more museum visit to document. Den Bosch has a new highlight: the Noordbrabants Museum and the Stedelijk museum den Bosch joined forces. Both are worth a visit in their own right – together they are a major attraction.

The Stedelijk did a feature about Trompe l’oeil that appealed to the big girl and the little girl – yes they both went, and the big girl’s boyfriend as well. The setup played with their respective sizes – nice.

Den Bosch dec 13 03

Den Bosch dec 13 04

Worth looking into at a later date: Jan Sluyter, boomgaard te Heeze

Den Bosch dec 13 02

Nico Laan: Below Sea Level

Den Bosch dec 13 10

Christine Erhard, Underpass




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