Test test test

sound recording studio

Created a sound recording setup in my studio today. Thanks to the Young Intern -who is good with knots and stuff because she’s into Scouting – all it took were a clothes line, a bit of patience and a number of old blankets.  We managed to make a space where echoing is at a minimum.

Then there was a bit of waiting until the mike was delivered. Then there was the hassle of connecting the just-in-time-delivered mike. To think I never knew USB ports came in sorts and sizes   ….    apparently having the wrong USB port is an option. For my new laptop won’t speak with the mike, but my old(er) computer does. Oh the hours one spends on figuring out these things …..

Anyway, I’ve shouted ‘test test test’ a lot of times & things do work. Next thursday and friday I’ll receive a number of Speakers and try and get some Sound Recordings done. Nice!

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