Spent a wonderful but slightly sweaty day yesterday moving our exhibition to the tower room of Slot Loevestein, a well-known castle that overlooks the confluence of Maas en Waal, the two rivers that bound the Bommelerwaard – the area where I live. We’re the second exhibition making use of a room very high up in the rafters – it has been renovated recently and now Hemel en Aarde tussen de rivieren is on proud display there. Tim, the caretaker of the Slot, knew just how many stairs we’d have to navigate, and I knew how many kilo’s to lug upstairs. Fortunately our knowledge wasn’t pooled until the very last moment – I might have lost faith if I had known beforehand just how steep and how winding those stairs would be. A lot of helping hands at the Slot made our task do-able, and once again the versatile exhibition furniture proved its worth – looking beautiful again!

I spent the better part of today designing a folder and a poster to tell people about the exhibition. Had a photoshop crash – this has not happened to me before, very aggravating. Anyway, folder and poster done and on their way, Hemel en Aarde newsletter done and on its way, Hemel en Aarde website updated, blog under construction, we’re making real progress here!

raamposter A4

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