I meant for this post to be written in the train – a trip to Groningen takes 3 hours, and for much of this time I will have wifi. Unfortunately, there are no sockets in trains, so lack of power on my laptop will severely curtail my online activities.

So just a short post on last week’s visit to a. a stage and exhibition lighting designer (instituut Lichtdesign) and b. a company that designs exhibitions and trade fairs and suchlike (Kossmann.dejong). Came away from the exhibition lighting guy under the impression that LED lighting is A Bad Thing (the light being very blue). And from the exhibition design guy I learned that doing part the world expo in china in 2016 is A Big Thing. Maybe – just maybe – I should move to exhibition design ….

Insituut Lichtontwerpen 01 Kossmann.dejong 01

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