So I went to the van Gogh – Hockney expo presently on at the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Just like old times – we were shown around by Edwin Becker who curates for the van Gogh. Interesting to go around with a guy who’s been involved with the exhibition from the beginning. 


  • small van Goghs on pillars in the middle of the room, huge Hockney landscapes on the walls. Works like a charm – comparisons can be made without the van Goghs looking like postage stamps;
  • Hockney really really looked at van Gogh’s style and subject matter – this is not stealing but quoting and complimenting
  • small steps added under the paintings, same color as the walls, so no bollards (?) needed 
  • Hockney hates perspective and shifts it around in his painting and his video work to his hearts content. Amazing! Like having insects eyes
  • The van Gogh museum is still claustrophobic
  • The staircase between the two exhibition floors is still a dead space – they tried to make it connect the two (see image) – should hang the architect. Routing all through the building is dense, too
  • Will become a painter when I grow up


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