And museums are open again – reason to take husband and youngest to Amsterdam to visit the Stedelijk. They do an exhibition on design, and they do it well. Youngest started Industrial Design in Delft and has become much more furniture-conscious. She’s in the process of designing a stool, and has to do research. Let me tell you: many, many examples in the Stedelijk now. Some grotesque, some minimalistic, most is interesting stuff as long as I do not have to take it home with me. I like my furniture simple and unremarkable ….

I also got to not take home my wallet, which was a nuisance! Had to block my credit card (friendly people at the credit card company); my bankers cards (I clearly was the umptieth calling the bank that day); replace my drivers licence (online appointment for next week, so no emotional temperature taken at local government yet); mourn the cash that was lost (fortunately – not a lot); and give karma to the person or persons unknown that misused my bankers on-card credit to buy goodies at the Appie next to the Stedelijk.

Anyways, I got over it, and seen on a cosmic scale it was a minor blimp, really. It’s just that I get so mad at myself when I let a thing like this happen.

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