Rolled up

Having squared the Netherlands, next I tried to roll it up. Had to teach myself a number of skills in order to make stop-motion film – amazingly enough, Photoshop turns out to have a lot of options for making moving images. Options that were just waiting for me to be explored. Took a number of wrong turns, but in the end I figured out how to export a series of images as a moving GIF file. Then tested a few ideas for re-configuring the Netherlands, not all of them good.

For starters I approached the thing as a map-making exercise That is, I was looking for a map-type projection. By preference a true projection – keeping area size or border length the same while manipulating aria shape and border position. This turned out to be a. undoable and b. uninteresting.

When I abandoned exactness and adopted an internal drawing logic things started to look up, witness the moving image above.

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