River inbetween

Another walk – going from Schiedam to Maassluis this time. We checked out Schiedam on an earlier walk, now we did Vlaardingen, which is inbetween Schiedam and Maassluis. They have a rather lovely park there, the Oranjepark, blue with scillia siberica, very intense color. In my garden the scillia’s refuse to multiply into a carpet, shame on them.

Walk took us through some of the most desolate landscapes – I say desolate, but some of it has a beauty all of its own. Delapidated wharves and factories, new industry, the river inbetween. It was a grey day, which I have learnt is good for photographing colors. See the results in the small image gallery above.

The walking goes better and better – from a situation where I could not get one foot to move ahead of the other I now can stay ‘on the hoof’ for more than five hours. With short breaks for coffee and lunch, of course. Had brilliant coffee in Vlaardingen and a great Surinam sandwich from a husband-and-wife mobile restaurant van near the ferry at Maassluis. Nice!

Weirdest image of the day was taken off a billboard that had come off its moorings – it says ‘plots for sale’ which about sums up the local situation.

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