Way to go

Walked from iconic Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam to the village of Maassluis the other day. Rotterdam is greatly changed because of the extra connection between north and south shores – the Erasmus Bridge encouraged the city to build and build and build on the south shore. Hotel New York, trendsetting restaurant in the days I worked for the dutch Kadaster in Rotterdam, now is completely dwarfed, and will be even more so in the near future. If we are to build zillions of new houses, this is the way to go ! If only we’d not have a predelicton for family houses in neat rows with tiny gardens front and back … we could house all of the Netherlands in Rotterdam, keep some of the prettiest towns and villages, and give the rest back to agriculture. Then if we found a way to make milk and cheese straight from grass with no cumbersome cows inbetween, it could be all nature reserve. Basically, Asimov did have a point – only the steel covers over the cities he envisages (see: ‘caves of steel’) would be a bit much. For the rest – way to go!

A line-up of seagulls in Rotterdam harbour – reminds me of the time I lined up the last remnants of Nature in the city of Amsterdam – ‘Dove Circle, Dam Square‘.

Image above is taken at café De Ooievaar (the Stork) where mannequins are silently and creatively protesting the Covid ban on visiting cafes and sitting on sidewalks.

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