Water nomads

Another boat trip – went to Beek and Donk this time, to pick up the boat we’ve bought to replace the loaner we did our camping-on-the-water thing with up until now. We started out on a very cold day – remind me not to go on the river when snow and hail are expected. Landed in Woudrichem, went for a walk to get the blood flowing again, bought the worst cup of coffee to date – the only thing going for it was: it was warm.

Anyways, here is another series of bridges and under-the-bridges. It’s visible we spent our time on the canals more than on the river – a somewhat industrial look these images have about them.

Boats – tugboat, loaner and vlet – arrived safely in Zaltbommel after a three-day trip. Husband is moving the tent from loaner to vlet as we speak. When that is done we’ll bring the loaner back to Amsterdam. Then we are free to go boating whenever wherever – planning to become water nomads.

Image below is us parked next to a real-life barge – and yes, we’re tiny …

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