So I experimented with photographing cyclists from my on-the-boat position. It is one of the things I’d promised myself to do, see discussion here.

Problem is, I’m not supposed to publish photo’s of people. Unless they have agreed to having their picture taken. Which is not an option when photographing them from a river or canal, and from a distance. I usually have very little time to take the shot, too. So not an option, period.

So I took out a lot of info from the image to make people unrecognisable – basically, I only kept their silhouettes.

Now the question is – do the images speak for the area? Some elements are there:
– There are – roughly – three groups of cyclists: recreational, sport, transportation from A to B. This can be inferred from the photos.
– They all cycle on man-made infrastructure (bridge, dyke, …) this also can be inferred from the photos.
– So I do document some use-value of the area,
– also the main infrastructural elements (roads, dikes, bridges, cycle paths).
– Also vegetation, a litte.
– Images are a little like the paper cut-out silhouettes the Victorians used to do ….

But do they capture something essential about the area that I research? Have to let this simmer for a while ….

Later: can get rid of even more info, by making all images black and white.

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