Eve’s impressions

Figured out how to make an e-book – that is: how to make a book in WordPress with pages one can flip. Used a pretty nice WordPress plugin called 3D Flipbook. Spent some time digitizing the drawings I did in South Africa in 2016, where I took a book named ‘Het Beloofde Land’ i e ‘The Promised Land’ by Dutch travel writer Adriaan van Dis and created my own book of drawings and text on his pages. The story follows my alter ego named ‘Eve’ who travels through South Africa and jots down her impressions.

The method I used for this series of drawings is based on ‘A Humument. Wiki: ‘ An altered book by British artist Tom Phillips, published in its first edition in 1970 and completed in 2016. It is a piece of art created over W H Mallock’s 1892 novel A Human Document whose title results from the partial deletion of the original title: A Human document.’

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