Took our tugboat-houseboat combination out a week ago. The idea was to go north, but after the first lap we found it more expedient to go around the Bommelerwaard, the island between two major rivers where we live. Was nice! Spent tourist-time in ‘s Hertogenbosch, a city I normally hit to accomplish something (shopping, visit kid’s school, hospital … ) but now had time to enjoy for and by itself . This is different: found out that I really like this city. From a few houses along a small river it grew to be the ‘Moerasdraak’ or ‘Dragon of the Swamp’, a fortified town surrounded by marshy area and deemed to be unimpregnable. At present it is an interesting mix of old houses on crooked streets, appartments on quiet streets and smallish-size industry. They do good graffitti too, witness the image I posted.

More geo-poems were done along the way. Poem-making sharpens my senses, my being-in-the-moment, which is nice. Also exhausting …

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