Another walk on the beach, we did Wijk aan Zee – Egmond aan Zee this time. Grey weather, drizzle, wind from behind. My backpack, coat and trouser legs were soaked before I noticed it much. Sounds were muted, colors muted too. Saw a great many flocks of starlings, lovely to see how they swarm and swerve. Wondered if and how they practice this – maybe it is inborn? The remains of what I think was a common porpoise on the beach – they made quite a comeback in the waters of the NorthSea.

Very little litter on the beach. Other news to cheer me up – my newspaper mentioned the fact that over the last 30 years the number of children in the Netherlands that live in poverty has been halved, also that the distribution of wealth has not changed – contrary to popular belief. Do need cheering up – wish someone would print a good-news-newspaper every once and a while.

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