Had an extremely busy week – minor health issues, teaching assignments, project management, lots of networking. A week where every crumb of time – those bits that are usually free inbetween the busy-ness – was spoken for.

But on wednesday I played truant, and went for a long long walk along the North Sea shore with my husband. Lovely sunny morning, no wind (which is very unusual), pretty quiet.

We did beach, nature reserve, industrial area, harbor, north sea canal locks and Tata Steel plant. All happened in a 20 km walk – the Netherlands is nothing if not diverse. Ate the best fish ever in a fish-and-chips shop at the harbor – ‘just follow the crowd at mealtime’ still being a good idea. Back home I luxuriated in a hot bath, my legs having decided that 20 km was quite enough, thank you very much.

Today I turned the geo-poems I made on the way into a geo-poem-map, see above. I enjoyed being a wordsmith, I try to come as close as possible to what I experience on the way, using as few words as possible. Noticed that at the beginning of a walk I have to make myself get into the mood – it takes concentration, patience, quietness. But if it works, it greatly enhances my ability of being in the moment.

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