Walk on the beach

It was a walk on the beach … yes, really. There was one sunny day this week and we picked it to go walking – nice! We did Callantsoog to Den Helder, as we are on tour to do the countours of the Netherlands and have almost reached the most northern part of the province of NoordHolland.

Next time we’ll circle the tip and after that we will direct our steps southward, circlling the former Zuiderzee that became IJsselmeer when the Afsluitdijk was built. Then on to Friesland and Groningen, then the Dutch-German border until we reach Maastricht. Quite ambitious, also a lot of fun. I do GeoGedichten en route, will post the one from this day tomorrow – as I have a day with No Committments – looking forward to idling and pottering …

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