After visiting with a friend in the Yorkshire Dales last April we took the train south, and spent a few days in London – always a delight. Did a lot of walking along its canals and waterways and river. On one of our walks- this one along the Thames from Tower Bridge to the Garden Museum – we came across Inner and Middle Temple Great Garden, which had long been on my wish list. It was glorious!

First time I saw a Rosa Banksia in bloom, by the entrance. It flowers very early, lovely butter-yellow colour, fresh scent. The rose was introduced from China by William Kerr, who had been sent on a plant-hunting expedition by Sir Joseph Banks of Kew Garden fame.

The garden museum wasn’t half bad, either. The image above was taken at the Covid Memorial wall which is close to the museum. Such a length of wall, so many names on it …. So far the wave has passed us by.

Anyways, it is lovely to be able to travel again.

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