Put on my walking shoes

Making Dutch Space – a morphology of the idea of makeability. The title of a research proposal I wrote and that has been accepted bij KU Leuven working together with LUCA school of the arts. Registering at LUCA was a walk in the park, but the administrative effort to get registered at KU Leuven was notto be sneezed at. In the end – and with a little help from my friends – I managed, and am now officially admitted. My project has a number – 3E220803 – so it just has to exist.

Looking forward (with a little trepidation) to do research on ‘Making Dutch Space’. The trepidation part resides mainly in the research method I chose. I will adopt 4 areas in the Netherlands where ‘Makeability’ is present and visible, then inhale those areas , on foot, walking around. Just what I will do while walking, and how I will represent my walks, impressions, ideas – that is the part that I have yet to figure out. As it can only be figured out by doing I’d best chose an area relatively quickly, put on my walking shoes, and go.

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