Train ride

During a long – but long – train ride yesterday I amused myself taking pics of the Dutch lanscape as seen through a rain-spattered train window. Also experimented with the ‘live’ mode my new Iphone camera has – yes, I upgraded to Iphone 13, at last. It so happens that my Iphone 5 is still fully functional after all these years – a miracle of technology, as it has lived in my trouser pocket all the time, rain or shine – but I cannot pay with it, and this was a thing I coveted. Also it won’t be ready for the train ticket option we are to have in a few months. So I pensioned off my old dear and invested in a as-good-as-new new Iphone. Long may it live!

So find below a rain-spattered Netherlands, images getting progressively more abstract. Note that I did not add the effect afterwards – apart from deepening the colors a little. As it turns out, a rain-spattered window is a great filter.

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