What’s not to like?

Code is poetry – I don’t know who coined that phrase, but she had a point. An intensive bout of wrestling with getting code just so does prepare the mind for making spare, small bits of text. I call these ‘geo-poems’ and place them along the route that gave rise to their existence.

I have also made software to animate the poems – they are map, animation and poem at the same time.. Animating this particular set of poems is something I’ll put on my to-do list, as I have been behind a computer screen long enough today, and it takes an hour of so to place the texts to be in the perfect spot and outlined just so with the (moving) line of the walk.

I put some images from our walk under this text – please notice the extra mile the local government went to keep us safe: ‘please don’t dive – shallow water’. And the care taken by Dutch citizens to make the place even safer: ‘no sex before 22.00 hrs’. And then there are random notes written to make sure we will enjoy the place: ‘his is a place of sick beauty’. What’s not to like?

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