Boogie Woogie comeback

Worked on Compact a bit yesterday and today – had the idea of adding a counter to the image, showing just how many lines the app has drawn and consequently how many rectangles in the image. Had it run all night – let’s say 10 hours in total. Ended up with an image that has over 50.520 lines, but made a small mistake in placing my number in the box (see above). Then the number did not fit with the action on the screen, I had a higher number than the number of lines visible. So I had to make the first line behave and not ever be drawn upwards or sideways from the starting point (which is invisible on the screen but still counts). Starting the first line somewhere in the middle would have solved this problem, but that just did not look right as the first line then starts out of the blue which looks unfinished. The things that my mind goes active on :) Managed to make the first line behave, in the end. Way to go!

Clipping out the detail of the image showing the problem with the counter made me realize something I had not seen before. I use a Mondriaan image (Victory Boogie Woogie, to be exact) to generate the colors for the app – this gives the colors for the lines (grey-is) and for how the rectangles are colored in (red, yellow, blue, white in its variations). Now that I viewed the image at pixel level I see a Boogie Woogie come back :)


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