Stumbling blocks

Had to find a way to convert Compact to multiple screens – I’m hoping to immerse myself in mapping in the Spatial Computing Lab that is a facility at LUCA’s campus in Brussel. First thing to find out was how to operate one laptop two screens – this wasn’t all that difficult. Then made my app cover an area that is twice as wide as normal – this wasn’t difficult either, nothing broke. The thing that almost broke the bank (so to speak) was finding out how the fullscreen mode of Processing could be convinced to work on two screens. It was an oldfashioned Read the Fucking Manual situation – the solution was in there and obvious, but I did not see it at first. Changing fullScreen(); to fullScreen(SPAN); was all that was needed …. I photographed the two screens (above) also made the software produce screenshots during a two-hour run (below). Was feeling pretty satisfied with myself: now it is upwards and onwards to the next stumbling block.

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