New area of interest – the NulNAP path

I was very much inspired by the Eemland area this last year and a half. Check some posts about it here or click on the embed below. 

Recently I chose the second area that I will do research on. I chose the NulNAP path, a  520 km long path for cyclists along the zero height contour that starts in Belgium, goes south to north through the Netherlands and ends a little under Groningen city. Basically this is where the coast of the Netherlands would be if we did not keep up our coastal defence – dikes, dunes, polders and such.

I’m going to walk the path, not cycle it, so as to stay closer to lthe earth. 

During my walks I will be raising money fort the Northern European Enclosure Dam – NEED, a proposition by a Dutch scientist to build a next-generation Afsluitdijk damming the North Sea. He means his proposal to be a warning:  don’t let it get this far!  

As I cannot walk the NEED dam yet – and hope I never will – I will walk the coastline-that-isn’t in representation of this next-level Afsluitdijk. 

In preparation I am setting up a charity today, complete with logo, website and all. Look up my efforts at the NulNAP online notebook – not to be confused with the charities website that I will set up later for fund raising purposes. 

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