Research screening no. 01

emma playing

Friday sept 11th was Presentation Day. The MaHKU students for 2009 – 2010 all gave a short presentation. Pretty exhausting day it turned out to be, with 35 students and a number of teachers in a crowded and hot little classroom. Exhausting, but rewarding. There is a lot of talent here!

I woud have liked to just post the PPT I used for the presentation , but have not mastered that  thing yet. So here is what we will do: for my work last year check the blogs under the category experiments. Then read the quotes below that I copied from my masters application. This gives you a pretty good idea of what my first ideas were.  As I write this, these  ideas are under major reconstruction, see blog  about the lab . Pretty soon I will post again about new ideas taking shape.

Quote  ” Childhood is perceived as a time for play, where adulthood is a time for work. But ever since the 1960s, which saw an increase in living standards across the Western world, the boundaries between work and play have become less distinct. The concept that play is the work of children has been eroded by the realization, as found in the work of the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga, that once we are adult we continue to play. As indeed we always have throughout history. To this is added the growing interweaving of children and adults worlds who more and more share the same mediatized cultural space. This encourages me to look for possibilities to situate my work in that cultural space and so incorporate ‘playfulness’ into my work.

Quote  “For starters, I would like to explore the properties of the maze or labyrinth, being a shared cultural space both in a literal sense and a metaphorical sense. Adults as well as children enjoy exploring a maze, be it as just an interesting game or as a symbolic form of pilgrimage, a path we can use to walk towards a spiritual goal.

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