Doing Dissemination – DARE #5

As I am writing stuff for my final essay, these blogposts will be shorter than they used to. Bear with me…  Must blog about ‘Doing Dissemination’ though, the very successful DARE Symposium on  effective ways to communicate a work of art. We staged a dinner, not a sit-and-watch but a much more active format. Us students got to cook (my group did the main course, Norwegian salmon, very tasty & goodlooking as well), everyone got dinner, a number of the great and the good were present for talks and discussions. It was fabulous, cannot remember ever enjoying a symposium more.

Amongst others, we had Nicolas Bourriaud (see pic) , Bik Van der Pol, Jurgen Bey, Geert Lovink, Wim Nijenhuis and Remko Scha. I was very happy hearing Nicolas Bourriaud liken the relation between artist and public to a tennis match: the artist serves, the public returns the volley. A much more active participation is called for – lay on the games!

The symposium was so successful I had to turn away a number of people at the entrance (after cooking, I drew a job as a receptionists, such fun!).

Later: Check Metropolis M, they did a good review of the event.

Later: added a fourth pic, this one taken from Ingrid’s fotostream at facebook. Now you can see that I really, really spoke with the Great Man. If I remember correctly, I’d just asked him the question of ‘why no transcendence in the Radicant’ and he’s thinking about it.

Ddiss 083 klein

DDiss 092 klein

Ddiss101 kleinEverdien Breken Nicholas Bourriaud April 2010

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