Playing my game

Haven’t much time today, as it is expo day at IBB. Doing the same thing I did yesterday: build up my installation in 15 minutes, show it for 1 hr, then break up again to make place for a fellow student. A format that is a major pain in the ass for someone like me working with camera’s and technical equipment.

Anyway, what I need to jot down is my impressions of a group of people with Downs syndrome that came in yesterday.  They came as a group, two people with them to guide them a bit, and some of them played my game. Notes: not all of them dared; not one asked for instructions, they are not goal-oriented, once playing they had to be dragged away to make place for another; they have bad eye-hand coordination;  the players had fun with the unexpected; the players had very little preconception of what table tennis is like; players hardly noticed the screens or what was on the screen; interaction was between them the bat and the ball; each played an individual game, no interaction.

Everdien Breken Double Solo 25 juni 2010 03

Everdien Breken Double Solo 25 juni 2010 01

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